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Cable Assemblies

FRCABLE offers custom solar cable assembly and harnesses. By using modern welding technology and high-quality cables and connectors an optimum interconnection can be achieved with the lowest contact losses. Minimize the amount of installation work and increase operational safety with customized ready-to-lug cables for your PV systems.

  • PV Tools

  • Cable Ties

  • Cable Clips

Cable Assemblies

FRCABLE offers a complete tool kit to install solar connectors easily and accurately. It includes a cable cutter, stripper, Connector Crimper, and connector spanner

Cable Ties

  • Cable Ties

  • Cable Ties are fasteners for cable management. They are used to bundle cables together and to tie into cable trays and cable conduit to reduce the risk of snagging. FRCABLE cable ties are available in nylon for internal applications and in heavy-duty stainless steel for heavy-duty and external applications, with or without a plastic coating for additional resistance against corrosion.

    FRCABLE offers long-lasting, wire management solutions. The cable clips simplify wire management and create a cleaner look for PV arrays. Able to last a lifetime, the corrosion-resistant 304 stainless steel clips are durable solutions for all environments. Coined edges prevent damage to the cable jacket.

    Cable Clips

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