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6mm2 CE H1z2z2-K

1500V Solar Cable

6.0mm2 CE H1z2z2-K 1500V Solar Cable Manufacturer

CE H1z2z2-K 1500V Solar Cable Package_ed

Solar Cable Applications

The 6.0mm2 CE H1z2z2-K 1500V Solar Cable is a powerful and versatile cable designed for various applications in photovoltaic (PV) systems, commonly known as solar power systems. 


Its high voltage rating and durable construction make it ideal for:


  • Solar Panel Interconnection: Efficiently transmit power between your solar panels. This cable is perfect for connecting individual solar panels together within a solar array, whether you're installing a rooftop system or a large-scale solar park.


  • Module String Connections: In larger solar systems, solar panels are often wired together in groups called strings. 6.0mm2 CE H1z2z2-K 1500V Solar Cable can be used to connect these strings to each other, ensuring efficient power collection from all your solar panels.


  • Inverter Connection: The inverter is a key component in your solar power system, converting DC (direct current) electricity from the solar panels into AC (alternating current) electricity for your home or business. 6.0mm2 CE H1z2z2-K 1500V Solar Cable can be used to safely connect the solar panel array to the inverter.

Solar Cable Features

Ensure reliable power transmission and long-lasting performance in your photovoltaic (PV) system with the H1Z2Z2-K 6.0mm2 Solar Cable. This CE certified solar cable is built tough to withstand the harshest environments, making it ideal for various solar power applications.


  • CE Certified: The H1Z2Z2-K 6.0mm2 Solar Cable adheres to strict European safety standards, guaranteeing a high-quality and reliable connection within your solar system.


  • Built to Last:


1. Abrasion Resistant: The H1Z2Z2-K 6.0mm2 Solar Cable features a tough, abrasion-resistant outer jacket that protects the cable from wear and tear, ensuring long-lasting performance even in challenging environments.

2. Low-Temperature Flexibility: This cable remains flexible even in cold climates, allowing for easy installation and reliable operation in diverse weather conditions.


3. High Tensile Strength: The H1Z2Z2-K 6.0mm2 Solar Cable boasts high tensile strength, making it resistant to damage from impact and stress, ensuring its durability throughout your solar system's lifespan.


4. UV Stabilized: The outer jacket of the H1Z2Z2-K 6.0mm2 Solar Cable is UV stabilized to resist color fading, cracking, and hardening caused by prolonged sun exposure. This ensures continued protection and optimal performance over time.

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UL Listed
CE Marked
EN 50618
TUV Approved


Rated Voltage

The rated voltage of a solar cable refers to the maximum voltage it can safely handle. The higher the voltage rating, the thicker the cable insulation will need to be. 



The conductor of a solar cable is the part that carries electricity. Solar cables typically use tinned copper conductors because tinning helps prevent corrosion.



The jacket of a solar cable is the outer layer that protects the conductor from moisture, sunlight, and abrasion. Solar cable jackets are typically made from cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE)



Solar cables are designed to withstand harsh outdoor environments, including exposure to sunlight, rain, snow, and extreme temperatures. 

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Solar cables are rated for a certain temperature range. The maximum temperature rating of a solar cable is the highest temperature it can safely operate at. Common temperature ratings for solar cables include -40°C to +90°C.

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Q: What is the nominal operating voltage of the H1z2z2-K 6mm2 1500V Solar Cable?

A: The cable has a nominal operating voltage of 1500V.


Q: Is the H1z2z2-K 6mm2 1500V Solar Cable suitable for use in outdoor environments?

A: Yes, the cable is designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions, including extreme temperatures and UV exposure, making it suitable for use in outdoor environments.


Q: Is the H1z2z2-K 6mm2 1500V Solar Cable compliant with RoHS directive?

A: Yes, the cable is compliant with RoHS directive, which means it does not contain any hazardous materials, making it safe for use in various applications.


Q: How does the H1z2z2-K 6mm2 1500V Solar Cable perform in low-temperature environments?

A: The cable is designed to maintain its flexibility in low-temperature environments, ensuring ease of installation and reliable performance. 


Q: Is the H1z2z2-K 6mm2 1500V Solar Cable resistant to fire hazards?

A: The cable is made of materials that are resistant to fire, providing added safety and protection against potential fire hazards, ensuring a reliable and safe operation.


  • From simple to highly sophisticated.              We provide finished custom-assembled assemblies. Design, creation, and sample manufacture are all part of our services.

  • Our items are RoHS Compliant and have been extensively tested. Our wire harnesses and cable assemblies are guaranteed to offer optimum function and cost-efficiency.

  • We offer the highest level of customer service and engineering support assisting in all phases of design to production. 

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