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50mm2 Aluminium Conductor
Solar Cable

50mm2 Solar Cable Manufacturers

Application: Solar Power System

Material Shape: Round Wire

Sheath Material: Crosslinking

Insulating Material: XLPE

Conductor Type: Stranded

Brand: Frcable

Customization Available

Product Description

Basic Information for 50 mm2 Solar Cable 

50mm2 PV Solar Cable Data Sheet

Certifications for 50mm2 Solar Cable Manufacturer :


Product features:

1.Rated Voltage: DC 1500V 
2.Ambient Temperature: -40ºC--90ºC Max. Temperature at Conductor 120ºC:
3.Conductor: Aluminium, Class5
4.Insulation: 125ºC  XLPE
5.Jacket: 125ºC  XLPE
6.Color: Black

Application for 50mm2 Solar Cable:

  For the cabling between the solar modules and as extension cable between the molded strings and the DC/AC inverter. Photovoltaic plants and solar parks. Gable and flat roof PV systems.


Technical Data for 50mm2 Solar Cable Manufacturers

50mm2 Solar Cable Technical Data
50mm2 Solar Cable Manufacturers
China 50mm2 XPLE Solar Cable Manufacturer
FRCABLE Double Insulated PV Solar Cable


  • High temperature resistance: Aluminum Conductor 50mm2 Solar Cable is designed to withstand high temperatures, making it suitable for use in PV systems that generate a significant amount of heat.

  • UV resistance: The 50mm2 Solar cable is resistant to UV radiation, which can cause degradation and failure in other types of electrical cables. This makes it suitable for use in outdoor PV installations.

  • Moisture resistance: The 50mm2 Solar cable is also resistant to moisture, which can cause corrosion and other issues in electrical systems. This makes it suitable for use in damp or humid environments.

  • High voltage rating: Aluminum Conductor 50mm2 Solar cable is typically rated for use at high voltage levels, which is necessary for the efficient transfer of electrical energy in a PV system.

  • Low resistance: The 50mm2 Solar cable has a low resistance, which allows it to efficiently transfer electrical energy from the solar panels to the inverter and other components of the PV system. This helps to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the PV system.


Q: What is a 50mm2 Solar Cable used for? 
A: This type of cable is used to connect solar panels to inverters and other electrical components in a photovoltaic (PV) system.

Q: How is a 50 mm Solar Cable different from other electrical cables? 
A: It is specifically designed for use in PV systems and can withstand high temperatures and harsh outdoor conditions. It is also resistant to UV radiation and moisture.

Q: Is 50 mm Solar Cable safe to use?
A: Yes, it meets all relevant industry standards for electrical performance, safety, and durability.

Q: Can 50mm Solar Cable be used indoors and outdoors? 
A: It is primarily designed for outdoor use, but it can also be used indoors in some applications.

Q: How long does 50mm2 Solar Cable last? 
A: The service life of the cable will depend on various factors, including installation and maintenance. With proper care, it can last for many years.


  • From simple to highly sophisticated.We provide finished custom-assembled assemblies. Design, creation, and sample manufacture are all part of our services.

  • Our items are RoHS Compliant and have been extensively tested. Our wire harnesses and cable assemblies are guaranteed to offer optimum function and cost-efficiency.

  • We offer the highest level of customer service and engineering support assisting in all phases of design to production. 

  • After years of hard work and unremitting efforts, our company has obtained ISO9000, ISO14000, OHSAS-18000, TS16949 and other system certifications. The company's products have passed the CCC product safety certification, Germany TUV and the United States UL, Canada CSA joint certifications.

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