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Zhoushan Off-Grid Solar Station

Location : Zhoushan ,China

Application Type : Commercial

Installation Date : 2017

System Size : 10 MW

The Project

FRCABLE is a renowned manufacturer of solar cables and has been a trusted partner for many solar plant projects across the globe.

Recently, FRCABLE had the opportunity to work on a solar plant project in Zhoushan, China.

Here are the key highlights of the work that has been accomplished by FRCABLE for this project:

  • Provided high-quality solar cables: FRCABLE supplied a range of solar cables that were specifically designed for this project. These cables were made using top-quality materials and were compliant with industry standards. The solar cables were highly durable and were able to withstand the harsh weather conditions in Zhoushan.

TUV Solar Cables From FRCABLE
TUV Solar Cables From FRCABLE

  • Supplied junction boxes: FRCABLE also provided a range of junction boxes that were required for the solar plant project. These junction boxes were made using high-quality materials and were designed to provide a safe and secure connection between the solar panels and the inverter.

Pv Junction Box 4 Rails
Pv Junction Box 4 Rails Used in The Project

  • Provided mounting hooks: FRCABLE also supplied mounting hooks that were used to install the solar panels on the roof of the solar plant. These mounting hooks were made using durable materials and were able to hold the solar panels securely in place.

Solar Mounting Hook From FRCABLE
Solar Mounting Hook Ing-Trh-SD90


Overall, FRCABLE played a crucial role in the success of the solar plant project in Zhoushan. The company's high-quality products and commitment to customer satisfaction were instrumental in completing the project on time and within budget. FRCABLE is proud to have contributed to the growth of renewable energy in China and looks forward to more such opportunities in the future.


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