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4 Rail Junction Box 

Solar Junction Box for 12 AWG

Condition: New

Certification: TUV

Application: Home, Industrial, Commercial

Specification: Normal

Transport Package: Carton

Trademark: FRCABLE

Customization Available

Product Description

Basic Information for 4 Rails Junction Box

Datasheet for Solar Junction Box

Application for 4 Rail Junction Box:

  Junction boxes are installed by photovoltaic (PV) manufacturers directly on to the back of every PV panel and serve as the interface between the conductor ribbons on the panel and the DC input and output cables.
  They contain bypass diodes to protect the PV panel from reverse current during hours of darkness, if the panels are in shade or if covered by debris such as leaves, for instance.

Product Images

Drawing for 4 Rails Junction Box 

Junction Box For PV Installation
Junction Box PV Solar
4 Rails Junction Box for Solar Panel


  • Built-in surge protection: The solar junction box includes built-in surge protection, which helps protect the electrical components from voltage spikes and surges. This can help extend the lifespan of the PV system and reduce the risk of electrical fires.

  • Cable glands and conduit connectors: These are additional features on the solar junction box that protect the wires and cables from moisture and other potential damage. They help ensure the reliability and efficiency of the PV system.

  • IP65 rated: This means that the solar junction box is rated as dust tight and protected against low-pressure water jets from any direction. This makes it suitable for use in outdoor environments and helps protect the electrical components inside from dust and moisture.

  • RFI/EMI filtering: The solar junction box includes Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) and Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) filtering, which helps reduce interference from other electrical devices and improve the overall performance of the PV system.

  • Overvoltage protection: The solar junction box includes overvoltage protection, which helps prevent damage to the electrical components from excessive voltage. This can help increase the reliability and safety of the PV system.


Q: What is a 4 rail solar junction box used for?

A: A 4 rail solar junction box is used in photovoltaic (PV) systems to connect and protect the wires and cables that carry electrical power from the PV panels to the inverter and other electrical components of the system. It has four rails or terminals for connecting the wires, and it is typically mounted on the roof or on a wall near the PV panels.


Q: How does a 4 rail solar junction box work?

A: The 4 rail solar junction box connects the wires from the PV panels and the inverter, as well as provides a secure and weather-resistant connection point. It is typically made of durable materials such as plastic or metal, and it may have additional features such as cable glands or conduit connectors to further protect the wires and cables from moisture and other environmental factors.


Q:  Can I install a 4 rail solar junction box myself?

A: Yes, a 4 rail solar junction box is designed for easy installation by both professionals and DIY enthusiasts. It comes with all necessary mounting hardware and clear instructions, making it a straightforward process to set up and activate the PV system. However, it is important to follow all instructions and safety precautions when installing the junction box, as it involves working with electrical components.

Q: How do I maintain a 4 rail solar junction box?

A: To maintain a 4 rail solar junction box, you should regularly check it for signs of damage or wear, such as cracks or loose connections. You should also keep it clean and free of debris, and ensure that all wires and cables are securely connected. If you notice any issues with the junction box, it is important to have it repaired or replaced by a qualified professional.


Q: What are the benefits of using a 4 rail solar junction box?

A: A 4 rail solar junction box is beneficial for PV systems because it provides a secure connection point for the wires and cables, is made of durable materials, and may have additional features for protection. It is also easy to install and maintain and is reliable with a proven track record of performance.


  • From simple to highly sophisticated.We provide finished custom-assembled assemblies. Design, creation, and sample manufacture are all part of our services.

  • Our items are RoHS Compliant and have been extensively tested. Our wire harnesses and cable assemblies are guaranteed to offer optimum function and cost-efficiency.

  • We offer the highest level of customer service and engineering support assisting in all phases of design to production. 

  • After years of hard work and unremitting efforts, our company has obtained ISO9000, ISO14000, OHSAS-18000, TS16949 and other system certifications. The company's products have passed the CCC product safety certification, Germany TUV and the United States UL, Canada CSA joint certifications.

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