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Metal Cable Clips for Solar Photovoltaic Energy

Metal Cable Clips with two lines

Solar Clips Applications

Metal cable clips offer versatility for various applications within a solar energy system:


  • Securing Cables Between Panels: These clips hold solar cables perpendicular to the mounting frame of the solar panels. This keeps cables organized and prevents them from sagging or blowing around in the wind.


  • Multiple Cable Management: While typically designed for single or double wires, some metal cable clips may have an adjustable clamping range to accommodate a slight variation in cable diameter. This provides some flexibility in organizing two specific cables.


  • Compatible with Various Panel Types: Many metal cable clips can be used on modules with a range of flange thicknesses, increasing their compatibility across different solar panel models.

Solar Clips Standards

Metal cable clips, as shown in the image, are a reliable and cost-effective solution for managing solar panel cables. They secure cables running between solar panels and the inverter, protecting them from damage caused by weather, pests, and other external factors.


Here are some of the key benefits of using metal cable clips:


  • Enhanced Durability and Cable Protection: Typically constructed from high-quality, corrosion-resistant stainless steel, these clips withstand harsh weather conditions and prevent damage to the insulation of your solar cables. Their tamper-resistant design and resistance to chemical and environmental degradation further ensure the long-term reliability and performance of your solar energy system.


  • Easy Installation and Secure Hold: Metal cable clips feature a simple design that allows for quick and tool-free installation. Their strong holding power ensures that your cables remain securely in place, reducing the risk of damage or accidents.

Solar Clip for Solar Photovoltaic Energy
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Solar cable clips play a vital role in organizing and protecting electrical cables within a solar panel system.



Made from high-grade nylon or UV-resistant plastic, solar cable clips are built to withstand harsh outdoor conditions.



Solar cable clips are designed for quick and simple attachment.



Solar cable clips are a relatively inexpensive component but play a significant role in the overall functionality and safety of your solar panel system.



High-quality solar cable clips are often made from fire-retardant materials. This provides an extra layer of safety in case of electrical emergencies



Solar cable clips come in a variety of sizes to accommodate different cable diameters commonly used in solar panel systems.

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Q: How are Metal Cable Clips installed?

A: The Amsi-Scc-90/US/2 PV Metal Cable Clips are easy to install. Simply attach the clip to the desired location and insert the cables into the clip's secure grip. No special tools or skills are required.


Q: Can the Metal Cable Clips hold multiple cables at once?

A: Yes, the Metal Cable Clips are capable of securely holding multiple cables at once, making it an efficient and effective solution for organizing and protecting your cables.

Q: How do I choose the right size Metal Cable Clips for my cables?

A: It is important to carefully measure the size of the Metal Cable Clips that will be secured by the solar cable clip to ensure that it is the appropriate size. Most solar cable clips will specify a range of cable sizes that they are compatible with, and it is important to choose a clip that fits within this range. It is also a good idea to check the product specifications and instructions for any additional sizing or compatibility information.


  • From simple to highly sophisticated.              We provide finished custom-assembled assemblies. Design, creation, and sample manufacture are all part of our services.

  • Our items are RoHS Compliant and have been extensively tested. Our wire harnesses and cable assemblies are guaranteed to offer optimum function and cost-efficiency.

  • We offer the highest level of customer service and engineering support assisting in all phases of design to production. 

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