E-beam Crosslinked Processing

 We own four ELV electron accelerators which are imported from Russia, one is the ELV-8 and the other three are ELV-2. In order to meet the production of oversize section cable’s irradiation machining, the big accelerator ELV-8 designed the special four side irradiation plants. Under the same energy power, the bean current’s distribution will be more symmetrical, the  cross-linking quality will be more better, and the penetrability can increase about 40%.

    With the long experience of irradiation machining production, we own the self-design machine of under bean facility, we will provide our best service, good price and professional skill to deal with all of our business. With the year product output of 500 thousand KM, we can produce all kinds of wire and cable to meet our customers’ requirement.

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E-beam Crosslinked Process

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